Greeting for the first time?

Should you greet a girl that you are meeting for the first time or no? I'm leaning towards no. What would you do?

Greeting as in a hug. Or should you just go with a simple hello hand shake?


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  • I think a handshake is a good way to greet someone you haven't met before, even if it's a date. Not everyone is comfortable with hugs at first, and you'll gain her respect if you show her respect. Pay attention to her body language while you're around her, and you should be able to tell if it's cool to hug her goodbye, or lean in for a kiss if it's a date. If she leans towards you instead of away from you, or if she casually touches you (like on the hand or arm) then you could probably go for a hug.


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  • What do you mean by greet? Like shake hands or hug or something?

    • Ya I forgot to add that part. Would you greet them with a hug or just shake their hand or a simple hello?

    • I think a Hello and a smile is best. I had a girl say "don't shake my hand" a few weeks ago when meeting her for a first date! But it makes sense. It's not a business meeting. I just greet them warmly and try to be friendly and engage in conversation. End the date with at least a hug if it goes well. Read her language to determine what she wants at the end of the date, whether it's nothing, a hug, or more.

    • Sounds good. Thank you sir.

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