It's the classical does he like me question with a twist?

I like this guy A LOT obvs or else I wouldn't be so desperate to ask this question. Please help me everyone; I need as many opinions as I can get or at least thumbs up previous answers.

I've been trying to escape from the deadly friend zone. We've technically gone on 2 dates. We were supposed to go in a group, but the group ditched us.

He has tried touching me a couple times, but it's not frequently. I don't know if they are just coincidentally. How do I know if they mean anything? Should I be looking for him touching me everyday?

My friend is perfect, every guy has a crush on her at one point, I thought he liked her at first, but she thinks he likes me.

He compliments me. Sometimes he won't look into my eyes though; he'll look away. I don't know if it's just bc it's too uncomfortable or bc he doesn't like me. But he generally uses eye contact w/ everyone.

He tells me really personal things about his family and his childhood, and I tell him mine too. I love him. But I don't know if he's trying to make me a best friend or a girl friend. I've told him that I liked him LONG LONG ago, but feelings change right? I hope. He never said he didn't like me, but with his no response I just guessed.

I would ask if I hadn't asked him a long time ago and had gotten no response

Lol he came out a couple months ago. He's gay. :)


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  • Haven't read the whole thing yet but let me stop you after the first paragraph. unless you are a short haired really tomboy girl, there is no way a guy will ever friend zone you. Even if you are really good mates, eventually something will happen. you just have to let it happen naturally rather than force it. guys dont work in mysterious ways. if we are playing games, it means we want you. if we aren't playing games, well what we are doing is pretty obvious so just go with the flow :P
    He wants you bad btw. make a move.


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  • touching comes into play when he could've avoided not touching you. if he goes out of his way to touch you, then yes he likes you.

    if he compliments you, thats a good thing. it could just be awkward for him to look you in the eyes bc he remembers and thats weird for him, or he could like you to, thus making him look away. i really don't know about that.

    telling each other personal stuff can make the connection better between you two, but it could also be a quick trip to the friend zone if you aren't careful.

    just ask him again.

  • I think the group "ditched" on purpose so he had an excuse to ask to hangout alone.

    He tried touching you because he wants to see if you welcome it, major sign of interest. No it doesn't have to be often, he may be scared and back out most times when he wants to try.

    Friend suspects it, maybe she's hinting at it you never know.

    Seems nervous around you and compliments you, another big sign.

    Personal stuff? Trying to connect with you on a differentlevel.

    Just try tto compare how he acts around others. If he is more or less talkative with other people than you, I bet he likes you