Could there be some connection between me and this guy?

There is a guy in class who told me that he loved after joking around sayug that I kept getting in the way. The only time we speak to each other is when he says hi to me in the morning which he didn't today for some reason. I keep seeing hearts and had dreams about a guy but I thought that I didn't know who it was. When he told me that he loved me he had a straight face and he looked serious. I didn't say anything back but I was looking at him when he said it and he was also in front of his friends when he said this too. I keep getting this weird feeling now that I know this too. Ever since the dreams I gave been waiting and looking for the guy that I supposinglt didn't know and he could be the guy in my class. Also whats didfferent is how we met. I was helping sell donuts during a walk a thon and he walked up to me for some donuts then said "Hi Sweetie what's your name?" Then I told him and he told me his. I have been thinking about this all day and all weekend long what could this mean?

In the dreams we met in high school which was last year when we were freshman and then after awhile we started dating through high school then got married. Also sorry for the spelling errors I was trying to type this up fast.


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  • Well u got a major crush on this guy now that u have him in your dreams about dating and getting married. Maybe he told he loves u to see what u say and he has a crush on u and try to give u a hint that he likes u calling sweetie and say he loves u in front of his friends. If u like him tell him u like him but not love just because u barely know him still and u still. pretty young to say u love someone but he could be your guy cause sometimes peoples dreams happen in real life hopes this helps. P. S. thanks for your opnion on if black girls like white guys.

    • Your welcome and the dreams happen the semster before I met him and the guy in the dreams had no face. All I know is that he had dark colored hair and brown eyes which the I'm talking about has both.

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  • dreams don't predict the future... just gonna say that first.

    he probably likes you and is just afraid of asking you out.

    • I'm not saying that it predicting the future but some things from my dreams have happened in real life. Also could that be the reason for why he didn't say anything to me today?

    • you just contradicted yourself in the same sentence.

      just because he has a crush on you, doesn't mean he has to talk to you every day.

    • What I mean is that now he normally says something to me every morning but I guess your right.

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