What am I missing here?

Okay I been officially on this dating site for a whole week now. But fir some strange reasons I'm only getting messages from foreign guys in European countries and Australia. I would describe myself as a semi attractive black girl on the plus size with really curly hair. I don't mind the attention of course, it really boosting my self-esteem but is there something I'm doing wrong that not letting me attract guys more in my local area, am I just not attractive by American standards?

Link to pic of mines: https://tinyurl.com/pexbdvs


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  • Strange... an attractive girl should be gets more messages than she can read (because that's just how it goes for the ladies). Even average girls get overwhelmed on the dating sites. Maybe you have some sort of setting wrong on the website?
    Message me your picture and I'll tell you straight up if you should be get piles of messages from guys locally or not. That's probably the real questions here.

  • have you tried searching and localizing your search? or maybe you are just too young...

    • I'm 20 so I don't see the problem and my search is down to my local area, I actually get responses from america guys as well, but the foreign guys click rate are almost double in an average week.

    • I think they are double on anything online when it comes to communicating with a girl. Period. it also begs the question, why not just find some guys you know already? I have profiles in some dating sites that i never use but overall, its nicer to meet people in person, and you are a girl, you have it so much easier.

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