I am dating a guy that likes me a lot and I like him too but I still like this other guy but he doesn't want a relationship, what should I do?

There's this guy I have liked for over 6 months and we were talking for a bit at the end of last semester before summer. We hung out a few times and he took me out on a date too. Then summer came around and he went back to his hometown. We texted all the time and talked on the phone too in the beginning of the summer then he got a second job and I didn't hear from him much. School started up again and I still haven't seen him. Then one night I asked if he wanted to meet up with my friend and I at the bar and I didn't hear back from him. So this other guy that l met at the football game during the day had liked me and my friend txted me, "my friend thinks you're cute" and I texted her, "he's cute too" so she game him my number and he had texted me so I told him he should come meet me up at the bar an so he did. we were dancing when I saw the other guy that I like a lot and then I stepped outside to talk to him ditching the guy that likes me. The guy I like told me he's been going through a lot of stuff with his family and thats why he hasn't text me much lately. I then texted the other guy apologizing for what I did to him. He then replied back, "I suppose I will give you another chance" and from there we've been talking and hanging out. I even canceled going to the dance with the guy I originally liked to ask the other guy that likes me bc why chase after a guy that doesn't want anything when I could give the other guy that likes me a chance? Even tho I am dating this other guy that likes me, I still have feelings for this other guy but i think he still have feelings for his ex who he had dated for 2 yrs. my friend is in his business fraternity and one of his classes an im kind of jealous of her bc I want to be in his fraternity but I'm not a business major so therefore they are friends :/ she told me that they are only friends an that she doesn't like him like that so im cool with it I guess. but that doesn't change the fact tht I still like him, what should I do?


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  • Break up with the guy you're with, it's not fair to him. I wouldn't have given you a second chance but that's just me, I don't give second chances.


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