My boyfriends crazy ex won't leave him alone and we both are at a loss of what to do?

My boyfriend and his ex broke up 3 months long story short she slept with his friend.. My bf and I been friends since December and now are trying to give it a shot. However his ex won't let him go she's constantly calling him and texting him and he won't answer. So then tonight she decided to drive an hour and half just to see im I can't be there cause I live 2 hrs away but we are both tired of it and she won't except the fact that they are done... He hates her btw... What do we do? Has anyone else experienced this? It's also really awks being the current gf... Also we rnt quite official yet but pretty close we want her gone first.

Also they are talking right now he said it'd be five mins but we're going on 30 should I call?
She won't leave his house and she tried to sleep in his bed but he pushed her off ok I was on the phone.. She's saying she's suicidal and stuff I have never seen anyone act like this apperently she's asleep on his couch downstairs.


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  • He's definitely not doing the "right thing" and he may not be telling YOU the entire story. It should be VERY simple for him. If she calls, don't answer. Most cell phone now have a blocking feature where he can block that specific number... she can call all she wants then. Same with texting... block it.
    As far as her coming over... he should immediately go in the house. Leave her outside, don't look out at her, don't talk to her, etc.
    She won't keep calling, texting, or coming over if there's no response to her actions. She's doing it because he is still communicating with her! It's that simple.
    That's like saying some person I don't know came to my door and somehow ended up sleeping on my couch even though I told them I didn't want them there. NOPE, that's never happened to anyone... ever. My guess is that he's not over her or he's still too weak to "really" tell her it's over.
    Other your end... you need to take a stand. If he wants to be with you, there's no room for her AT ALL. Your require 100% of his "girlfriend time". Not a bit less. He cannot have any "EX" time... none... zero... non-existent. That's a requirement you need to set. If he's not into you enough to commit to something that simple (and pretty normal), then you need to let him know you're moving on to someone that's prepared to be with you.
    Good luck.


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  • sounds like he's sending enough mixed signals for her to keep trying.


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  • Unfortunately I've been the other girl.. when my ex broke up with me he got with another girl right after that.. n he would tell me it was over but than he would throw mix signals and ask me to send him pics, message me, and towards the end of their relationship he started kissing me.. so to somebody it might seem like why are you still trying.. but only him and I knew the full truth.. so in ur case make sure he's really done with her.. mine didn't have pics on his phone but admitted he would save my pics on to another file that reqd a password..

    • I'm pretty sure he's been ignoring her...

  • It sounds to me like somebody got some shit with them. I don't think nobody's crazy enough to keep trying to talk to someone if they are constantly telling them to leave them alone. You need to make sure he's really telling her it's over every time they talk and not just when you're around. I have been in the almost exact same situation- 2 years went by until I finally confronted her myself. Only to find out he'd been still seeing her on the side when I wasn't around. She said one thing to me that sticks with me to this day. " How could I be stupid enough to believe that she'd break her neck to talk to him if he was telling her the things he said he was" It made a lot of since, I just thought the bitch was crazy! She showed me texts and emails that he had been sending to her for months- and there I was thinking she was stalking him... Investigate and make sure his ass ain't lying. Men are sneaky girl. Not saying they're all the same, just be on your shit...

    • Ok yeah but I don't want to be like aquisitory to?