How long can you go with out talking to a girl you love?

He loves me. I'm taking space from him. How long do you think he can take not talking to me until he contacts me? Next times he's drunk?


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  • Depends entirely on the circumstances.
    I most likely will start missing her beyond the point i would normally have talked to her. After that it depends if i know ill see her soon.


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  • Taking space from him? If a girl did this I wouldn't contact you again...

    To me "Taking space from him" tells me.. you playing games , you
    window shopping for other guys.. Or looking for attentions..

    There are plenty girls out there that would do otherwise...

  • Any relationship that needs "space" or a "break" is already over.

    How long before he contact you? I'd say whenever he's horny or lonely

  • Depends. Why are u taking a break. Are u not sure u like him enough?

    • Complicated in nature of course. But he says he loves me and he says all these special things then will go do something to hurt me, like not invite me to a party or hook up with someone else. So i need to determine if he is worth pursuing. Normally whenever i back away he freaks and clings. This is the first time i've asked for space and i don't necessarily want it...

    • Well I guess it's justified then. Take your time and decide if it's worth it

  • don't take this the wrong way, but ur an idiot. and i will explain why.
    if you know he loves you, why would you put him through this? What you are doing right now is showing him that you don't love him. he will automatically start looking for another girl now because you are ignoring him, its a male instinct. then you are going to get mad because he "cheated" when in reality.. YOU started it.
    just talk to him. "punishing" him will just punish you in the end.

    • thanks. im sorry

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    • no i dont mind. I guess i didn't provide any context just to keep it short and sweet. i do sound like a idiot in the post but i guess i just didn't want to explain the whole thing. straight to the point is fine with me

    • and I'm straight to the point. except that i don't usually call people names, it was just a soft spot and I've apologized and i know it was wrong and against my rules. but bottom line, its not a smart idea to play the waiting game with a guy... most guys take it as an unofficial breakup and begin seeking others.

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