I met this latina and I made one mistake while getting with her, can someone still tell me if there is a chance?

okay so last Monday I went over to this Latinas house I met online. I brought over some vodka we had some drinks and ended up hooking up. She said I was one of a kind and very special. I thought okay cool the first time I asked her to hang out she was busy with work which I understood because she works as a nurse assistant or something like that. I started overthinking things while she was at work and to be honest I ended up blowing her up like I was obsessed which I realize that was a mistake. Ever since then things have been real rocky she won't ever answer when I tell her how much I want to see her. Just today I was supposed to go over to talk about things and right when I got out of school I passed out and I texted her telling her I was sorry for making her wait if I could come over now, she didn't say yes all she said was she had to go to the store and to the other side of town. I got kind of mad and explained to her how crappy she was making me feel because she never talks to me or never wants to hang out. Its crazy after all the stuff I texted her she still was coming back to me trying to just forget about it this whole week, but I wouldn't let the situation go. Im afraid tonight I might have pushed her away for good. I was just curious if I just leaver her alone and text her like maybe a week from now does anyone think I would still have a chance to redeem myself or is this a lost cause now? hope this all made sense.


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  • Darling you just met the girl you can't bombard her with so many texts , You might have drove her off or scare her into thinking that you were overly attached , but my advice would be give her time to get her feelings straight , if she doesn't text you in a week or two ( the most ) do something cute for her. send her a message , not too long apologizing for your behavior and that you would truly like a second chance to prove yourself different and if she accepts than honey you better do something romantic but not over the top , built trust not push her away. And if she doesn't answer well than it wasn't meant to be , trust me if its meant to be it will dont push it. :) If with this latina it doesn't work than it will with another. Dont stress yourself , chill and try to re-discover yourself.

    • well today she texted me "sorry okay" and I said i was sorry to for acting really clingy. she then invited me over for green chili stew but i wasn't able to go because i had just got to work. It seems like if i don't ever accept her offer to hang out it is nearly impossible to hang out again. Like i asked her if I could come over after work she said " my cousin is coming to get me for his boyfriends little sisters birthday party, hopefully he doesn't keep me to long" so I accepted that as a yes. Well i texted her after work and she said she passed out that she was sorry, but she is going back to sleeping. I'm so confused about this girl.

    • am i just wanting to take things to fast?

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  • Don't be clingy, the moment a guy is clingy with me i push them away.

  • You are very clingy. Just let it go and find a new chick, because that ship sunk.


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  • Always remember, it takes two to tango. Its half about you "making up for it" and half about her being able to let go. Even if you're doing your part, if she doesn't meet you halfway, it won't work

  • Ok so what does her being Latina have anything to do with you being clingy?

    • I notice guy's always refer to their ethnicity when they are dating outside their kind not that it matters.

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