Why can I not study with a girl who I like and is not my girlfriend?

Yesterday, I asked her "can you go to study with me in school?" Her answer was yes. So, today I'm in school and studying now. She was late, and now she is studying with her friend. Why? Why is her friend here? School today is holiday. Why can I not study with her. Now, I am studying alone. I really wanted to study with her. What is she think?


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  • IDK! I don't try to read a person that much in the beginning.
    First impressions can be misleading.
    Give her chances and spaces, chances and spaces. This is building trust. It is essential.
    Anytime another person feels kind of trapped, he/she will run, given the chance.
    Let her decide, or at least think she's the one deciding on some where's or what's.
    Good luck now.

  • That was kind of rude of her. She said she would study with you so she kept her promise. You should confront her about this.


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