It is time to walk away?

I went out with this guy a few times over the past two months. We aren't big texters. We only text to make plans to see each other. He has said many times, he wants me to contact him bc I have a very busy schedule and his is open. So I have. We have a great time together, great chemistry and he always texts the next day to say he had a great time. This last time our date got a little intense emotionally. He talked about his time in the war. Asked me to stay over (didn't have sex). I did. Next day, same thing. A text saying had a great time. yesterday asked him to get together this week. Silence. He ignored me once before. I called him out on it and he apologized. We've made plans before and he has called late into the evening to say sorry, time got away from him but wants to see me (there isn't another girl). I don't understand this guy. He draws me in and pushes me away. I don't want to play the texting game but I don't want to seem like I'm chasing him. advice?


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  • You said something about a war? maybe PTSD... never know.

    • Yes, I thought about that. He was on the front lines and not healed from it. But I don't know if that means he would ignore me or keep running away. Which is fine. But we both know the rules of the dating game. So, I'm not sure how to handle this situation.

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    • calling him out wasn't the right wording. we made plans to get together, he wasn't sure if he could. I said that's okay just let me know either way. He never did, so I made a joke about it to let him know it was uncool but I'm not freaking out about it... I agree, he is probably afraid, and yet I don't want to appear too available. I'm not having sex until I know this is going somewhere. I do struggle with the thought that maybe he just wanted sex. But I didn't get that vibe. He kinda made it clear in his way he wants this to go somewhere. So why the silence? My thought is to let him go and wait for him to contact me. But I'm not sure if that's the right answer in this situation.

    • i doubt he just wants sex.. thats something you are going to have to initiate in this case. also, don't do that last like. letting him go and waiting for him to contact you. he will just think you are abandoning him, just like everyone and everything else... go with the affection route

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