Could a girl miss all of a guy's (possibly) subtle moves if she has had no experience at all with dating?

No details to explain about this question -- please explain your votes though! Thank you~

  • Yes and I hate it! I like her but she just doesn't get it!
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  • Nope -- that's not possible!
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  • The girl I'm dating now missed every sign. She missed even some of my big ones.

    I started paying much closer attention. I remembered all the things she liked and started either giving it to her or whatever. Like when she told me she liked Chinese but doesn't usually have the chance to eat any, so I one time surprised her with a huge order of Chinese, when she got to my place. I would give her gifts, little things to show I was thinking about her. I gave her subtle touches here and there that may not have been sexual but for most cases with other people, generally sends a subtle message that gets received a certain way. I also bought her a cake on Valentine's. Somehow that escaped her notice. I did stuff like this for months.

    When I did tell her how I felt about her she was shocked. She said she had no clue. Eventually a long while later I pointed out all the things she facepalmed so hard she left a mark for a few seconds, and couldn't believe she she didn't notice it.

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. Did my advice help?

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    • Aw fine, since you asked nicely lol

    • Thanks! You're awesome doll.

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  • I don't really think it's possible and the reason is that if she doesn't notice my advances I just turn it up until she does get the picture.

    • There are only so many ways you can dial it up until you get to that point where you're either feeling her up or telling her you like her.

    • That's how it goes sometimes, sure.

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