Best Friend Turned Boyfriend, Does he want more?

I have a male best friend who I have known for over 8 years. Throughout the years we disconnect and reconnect, not because of strife or anything just life got in the way. He has always been there for me, cared for me, and essentially been my best friend over the years. To be honest, he is the classic example of that best friend who tells the girl he loves, "how lucky any guy would be to have her," yet does nothing about it. After 2 years of not really talking he and I have rekindled our friendship and now I am the one having feelings for him. He recently disclosed to me in a joking manner, that one night I was upset about some guy (I don't remember) and he was saying how lucky any guy would be to have me, and supposedly I asked him why he had never pursued me. He told me that it was a life changing moment for him because he didn't realize how subtle he was being about his feelings for me and he felt like he missed an opportunity with me.

I never reciprocated romantic feelings for him over the years but now I have them. Whenever we spend time together he pays for me and recently, he invited his brother and cousin to come with us to a race. I also met his parents. Throughout the evening he kept trying to offer me food or water, pretty much anything to "take care of me." At the end of the night he wanted me to text him when I got home to know that i was safely home. He also talked about what our "next adventure" should be. I am just wondering if this is him being my best friend or if I mean more to him? :)

I should also mention that he does bring up other girls in the conversation like how his "ex" text him and he did tell me recently that he cares deeply for a girl he cannot be with under any circumstances. We have always had that kind of relationship


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  • You should totally kiss him at some unexpected moment and make it romantic. *squee*

    • Totally agree, just push and get out of that shell and if he does really like you back it will work out. If he's really your best friend, then things will go back to normal if the unfortunate happens.

  • Probably likes you... I´m right now in position that I´m falling for my girl friend.


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