What do you guys think of POF? any dating sites people have tried that they actually liked?

I wanted to try something new , I don't know how I feel about it... anyone have pleasant experiences on this site or other dating sites?


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  • I've been on match. com for a while and have had plenty of wonderful dates with nice people.

    • I used POF... its been about 3 weeks now and I've had so many guys write to me... there were two guys I thought were cool enough to give my number to. One is soo cool, and I really like him... he's 33 years old and I'm 24. The other guy was really cool too... except when I gave him my number he texted me all day talking to me like we were together already... it kinda freaked me out.

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    • Haha... you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find the Prince! :P

    • ehhh... no kidding... and I found out he works near me... thank goodness its winter... I can try and cover up my face lol

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  • I hated POF. it seemed great since it was free and seemed to have tons of people in my area but most the people that responded to me or reached out to me were just looking for casual fun, and nearly anyone I reached out to hoping for a serious relationship didn't respond

    I prefer eharmony

    • there are 2 guys I trusted enough with my phone number. One of them is legit a cool guy. The other one seems like he's desperate, trying to hard, like he hasn't used the same lines on other girls... I don't think I like him too much... what do I do?

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    • you just need to tell him that you aren't interested. he sounds like he's persistent and doesn't really take a hint so you'll have to probably directly address it

    • your right... thanks :)

  • I think dating sites are a 50/50 chance of success i watch out for

  • POF - Sex Once
    OKCupid - Sex Three Times

    You have to be careful on those sites as there are a ton of scammers in terms of fake pictures, etc, so always make sure you do your due diligence. I would never "date" a girl from those sites as the majority are broken down to begin with but it's a good scenario for a quickie when bored and/or if someone is bored and wants to talk to someone.

    • so maybe not for me then.. is it safe 90 % or more guys on this site will be trash?

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