What should I do when he won't even talk to me anymore?

I have had a bad bad bad bad habit of assuming things in the past and thinking that "if it is this way, then it has to be this". I made the mistake of thinking this guy and I were dating because he said something about dating. Once he broke it to me that we were "only talking" and a few days later how he is not ready for a relationship, I stopped trying to assume everything out of a situation. This happened, and then a few weeks later he said "I'm yours, you're mine" I did not think much of it except that maybe we would finally be together but apparently that was his way of saying we were "dating" or "at lease together" whatever that means. He got mad one night while he was tipsy because he attempted to have sex with me and after I said no, he then asked if it was because I was on my period (which I was not on). He then said "well you know we are dating right?" and I looked straight at him and I said "no, I did not know that.". He and I continued to argue instead of fixing it because he became frustrated with himself. The next day he apologized for what had happened, and told me to tell him my terms of dating and such. Eventually, he stopped responding to my texts, I asked him if I could go and see him that evening and talk about what had happened and he said "what is there to talk about?" I called him later that evening, he first said that he "needed space" I told him I could not grant him that because it would be 3 strikes you're out. Then he went on to say that "We aren't right for each other". Yesterday his friend texted me about a problem with my friend and he also mentioned to me that this guy told him that "we were taking things too fast." I really like and care about this guy, but I am not sure if it is even worth trying to save or not. What do you think?


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  • Terms, strikes... interesting terminology for dating.
    Anyway, this seems to me like it's more trouble than it's worth.


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  • Never threaten to leave someone you don't want to. saying that "3 strikes and you're out" thing was a stupid mistake.

    Sounds like he didn't like your terms and doesn't want to be with you anymore. simple as that.

  • give it up then


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