He stays up till early morning to talk to me?

Well, my crush has a job, so we don't really get to talk much during the day but he gets off around 5. When he gets off, he usually send me a text, before he drives home, saying something like "Just got off, talk to you soon"

He'll then get home, make himself dinner, and shower and whatever else, then that's when we start talking, he calls me, and talks to me from about 6-8 PM, and that's when we hang up, BUT even after that, we still text each other all night, for example, last night we were up talking until 2 AM

We do see each other, but usually it's only on Sundays (we go to the same church) and then we'll usually end up going out for lunch. He refuses to let me pay, even though I offer every time (I feel bad about that's I don't like other people spending money on me :/)

He's just chivalrous I guess, he holds doors open, and pulls out chairs and all that.

We'll then kind of just walk around town from then... he tried to take me hunting once with him... but... I saw the deer, thought it was adorable, and made as much noise as I could to get the deer to run before he could shoot it

ANYWAY, he's basically giving me all of his free time, plus some

Does he like me?


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  • Yes.
    Too short, so have some letters more.

  • Yeah he does, and is quite obvius, so n. n yes


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