I am not getting any replies on OKCupid... it is because I am azn?

Hi, is sad but i think this is true. I have sent out like 20 messages to girls and none of them reply to me. It is because i am azn?

When i sent my messages, I try to say or ask them something about their profile.

So for the girls in here... if a azn guy messaged. would you auto reject him?

anything i can do to improve my chances?


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  • No, it's because you say "Asian" as "azn"

    • haha. yea... for one the questions that asked if i care about grammar. i clicked no lol

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  • Yes, I would. I am Indian and I find Asian guys (not brown asian) very feminine unless he's well built (which is rare).

  • Every guy on this site complains of lack of responses from women on dating sites. They aren't all Asian men complaining, so no, I doubt this is why.


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