Girls please help, how to ask this girl out?

actually me & this girl never met before yesterday I saw her with her sis which she's my neighbour when I saw her actually no guy will tell u about how he feels but ill tell u actually my heart starts beating fast my face color changed in front of her & she were too I felt it & she were holding her sis hands I've tried to flirt but it never worked cuz I didn't know what to say ; p... actually I felt something I never felt before I feel like I've known her for along time ago... & now I'm trying my best to see her again & i got her Facebook profile but I don't know what to say or start a conversation with her... honestly I've never talked with a girl as my gf before but this one is special I don't want to mess around I'm an honest guy & im trying to get in a real relationship... so please girls help me.


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  • I would start the conversation with something like "Oh, we didn't have much time to talk the other day..." and trying to know a little more about her to eventually ask her out.


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