I like this girl but whenever she says she'll text me back she never does we have great convos which she also trys to prolong but she never starts it?

Ok so i like this girl. we met by chance when she was one of her friends that i know but she shared a hug with me and said bye when she had to go. Her friend then told me later that day that my her friend i like was asking questions about me and was interested me and so she told me to add her on Facebook. After adding her we had a convo on Facebook which lasted a week before i asked for her number which she gave immediately. everything was good she was showing me interest in her messages until she said she was tired and that she'd text me tomorrow but she never did. so 2 days later i texted her saying hey and the convo continued. the same thing continued 2 times more over 3 weeks. (there was one other time she said she would text me back the next day and she did). Yesterday however she said she was going sleep and that she'd message me later but she never did n today i texted her something nice as it was her birthday although she replied she went off again sayin her phone was low on battery and that she's text me when its charged. I said cool but when I went on Facebooki saw a pic of her with guy sittin between his legs. She still hasn't replied yet she has been on whatsapp. I don't know what to do i can't give up on her. She means so much to me and i don't wanna lose her yet. Even if she doesn't like me i want to tell her i like her. what should i do? should i tell her and should still try and get her?

ps i invited her on a date to the movies and she said yes but said she'd get back to me on what day we would go on as her birthday and Halloween among other things were coming u


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  • Okay well as a girl I pretty much always want a guy to initiate the conversation and when I start it, I expect him to keep it flowing as much as I do!

    Sounds like she seemed very interested in you and things have sort of got in her way, leading her to be slightly distant with you. If she has always replies it is a good sign that she is interested.

    This guy in the picture, I would suggest a little Facebook stalking to establish if she likes lots of his photos/status' and see if she shows a lot of interest in his life.

    She's agreed to go on a date with you so I would be confident that she likes you but is just struggling with priorities at the moment.

    Hope I helped :)

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    • So should i text her now or should i wait?

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    • I can't find ur question. What is it called?

    • If you click on my name (profile) and then click on 'questions' hun :)

      Ah I forgot your age haha! I think it was just a friendly picture tbh

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  • Give her time to miss you. It sounds lile you guys have been having good convos but you've been initiating most of them. Let time past (wait like a week) and watch if she texts you. If she's been responding and contributing to your convos and they've been fun she'll miss that and text you. Your coming on pretty strong. You want her to think you have a life of your own ;) So far it sounds like everything is good.


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  • If she does have a boyfriend, she is perhaps entertaining or talking to other guys. Given that, she is bound to be busy, unavailable, or forgetful in regards of consistently communicating with you. With that being said, I suggest you attempt to get her to commit to a specific time and date to hang with you, at once.

  • I have been chatting with my crush for about 3 months now and I've started 99% of the conversations. I don't know if it's working but she doesn't seem bothered so I'm just going to continue! :D