We got on really well, but she hasn't texted back?

I met a girl at a party, and we got on really well. When she arrived i was already drunk but she wasn't to begin with. We started talking and we ended up making out like all night and the majority of the next morning, in between the time she spent cuddled into me on a sofa. I got her number, and asked if she would like to do something sometime and she said she would like that, and suggested the cinema or something. When she left i told her to fire me a text to which she said she would. She didn't however, so i decided to text her.. that was on sunday, and i still haven't had a reply.

I dont want to appear needy and text again, but i really can't get the girl out of my head so to move on to me feels like giving up to easily, but it doesn't look too good to be honest.

Any advise would be appreciated, thanks.


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  • if you like a girl you will show her by your actions not threw text because anything over the phone can come off clingy now a days its best to go up to the person invite them to hang out and go from there maybe even taking things in your own hands and making the first move as long as your nice and your there for her in some way she will like you if you hang out with her and just give it a month and see how things go try a different approach with women and her and see how the outcome turns out to be because if you just be there for a girl the right way you will get a lot more that you wanted out of the girl not just physically but emotionally and she will be just as nice as you are

    • yeah i get that, but the fact is, we live in a big city, so seeing her again is very slim. She doesn't have a Facebook etc, either so really my only way of moving forward was via texting. I don't get why she agreed to meet again, and even suggested a place to go but yet not reply to my text. But you're right, it can appear clingy, so i guess i have no choice but to forget it. Pity though, as i still can't stop thinking about her lol

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