Does it sound like he likes me or not?

Ok so there's this guy that I dated for 2 months and we broke up 5 months ago. I broke up with him because I just wasn't feeling it and he's still one of my best friends. About a month ago I found out from him that he wants to date me again. I know I broke up with him but I realized soon after what a big mistake it was and I REALLY like him, like I've never liked a guy this much before. I actually love him (yes it's possible, we dated and we've known eachother for 3 years). But I'd never tell him that yet. So I told him that I liked him too and we decided to wait a while before dating again. But he's said things to me recently that show that's he's still interested, but my best friend just asked him if we were ever going to date and he said "idk I work a lot we can like never hang out". do you think he lost interest in me? Or do you think it's really just what he said? Ugh I just REALLY like him and I don't wanna get hurt. He knows I like him and I'm pretty sure he cares about me but could a guy help me out here?


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  • is this hannah?


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