Guy shy, rude or disinterested?

I met this guy on Tinder, cute, funny and spontaneous over whatsapp. To avoid waste of time I asked him out after a week. When I first saw him I wasn't quite sure it was him, so I simply stared at him until he responded and I realized it was my date. I was sort of disappointed by his style/appearance (compared to pictures I had seen) and it could be very well possible that it showed on my face?

After that he was constantly messaging a friend who was having some kind of break-up drama with his girlfriend - who was my date's half-sister. We went to a restaurant of my choice, barely said a word, I had to initiate. He would be awkward, unable to look me in the eye - brief locks, then immediate avert, looked at my bosom few times too. Every time he'd simply go back to his phone! We had some serious uncomfortable long silences. He even asked if I minded the drama-friend coming along. I told him if he was going to chat with him as he did now, that it would probably be a better idea for them to go to the movies together. Which he defended that we wouldn't be talking much anyway while watching movie and we could chat altogether.

In the end the friend didn't come at all and my date seemed to open up slightly more. He did insist on paying for everything (except movies which I had booked beforehand) and really did his best to open doors for me. He also walked me to my train and waited there until it left and told me to send a message when I'd arrived home.

I can barely imagine anyone thinking messaging other people on a first date is an ok thing to do. If he wasn't interested he didn't have to be all awkward and unable to look me in the eyes, I'd say as I think that this is a sign of being nervous or shy. A friend said he might have felt guilty about his behaviour and because of that couldn't look me in the eye.

He was teasing, joking and even flirting in chat and so closed off in real life. Were we both disappointed in each other? Or was he a shy person?


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  • if he's like me, he can seem like a really awesome person in text, but in real life? its harder for us to be spontaneous and fun because we're shy and very self conscious, which i'm guessing is the case. however, that does not give him an excuse to be texting.

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