When someone doesn't like you back?

When someone you like doesn't like you back do you want them to be happy or miserable.

  • Them to be happy
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  • Them to be miserable
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  • I just ignore them
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think if you truly like or love someone you want them to be happy no matter what and if they don't like you back then you would want then to go find and be with someone who makes them happy.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Sometimes there are first impressions that are just inaccurate. So you think you like a person because of smarts, status, clothes, music, likes and dislikes, etc.
    But you kind of get rejected when you try to hang with them. Girls are professionals at this. Cliquey as can be.
    That crap devastates me. How dare they! (LOL)
    So I have learned to move on. You can't make people like you no matter what.
    I just ignore them, like I voted.

  • I don't really care lol. If they don't like me then I'll just stop liking them.

    • this^^^^^ plus it depends how long I've known the person and who the person is to me e. g stranger vs. friend

What Guys Said 3

  • compassion is the only right course of action, if you were to accept that treating others badly is ok and "part of life" then if you got mad if someone did the same to you, you would be a hypocrite and couldn't justify being mad.
    People treating us with compassion is the sole reason why we get to enjoy the life we have right now as well as all our comforts of modern civilisation, to reach this people had to take on a great amount of suffering throughout history, compassion is the knowledge that you are not separate from the world

    I don't perform compassion because I want something in the end out of it, I do it because it is the truth, nothing else. You will one day die, that is a fact, so anything done for the "self" is deceptive

  • If I really like them then of course I want them to be happy. It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt, but you still want what's best for them.

  • everyone deserves to be and should be happy. if someone doesn't like you move on. and find someone who does thats worth your time.

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