Best romantic movie to watch with your BF or GF?

For you, what is the name of the best romantic movie to watch in the company of the person you love.


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  • the proposal

  • *thinks* - guys that like romance movies?

    • Yo got to see the whole point dude, is not the movie is the person and the movie... there are few good romantic movies out there, not everuthing is fast and fiurious 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 etc...

    • sorry i didn't mean to sound rude. i was just saying. im suprised guys would be into that stuff thats all. i would probably fall asleep myself

    • jajaja ummm let me see... the time travelers wife check that movie out, is about a dude that goes back to the future and past without control and apears naked in ramdom places, so he needs to deal with people that knows him from the future but he still doesnt... is a good movie.

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