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me and some girl are talking and we have been on two dates. they were amazing and she told me first she really likes me. She texts me every day but they aren't fun text messages. they are kinda short answer ones. today was the first time she texted me but the convo died and we haven't talked all day. I am curious to ask some ladies on here if that really means anything or if she is bored with me. In person she is very outgoing and awesome and we talk a lot and get along. On text messaging our convo kinda dies and not much there.


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  • Okay well it sounds like exactly what I do, I want to talk to the guy and am crazy interested in him but I don't want to seem annoying or clingy so I want for him to text me or keep the conversation flowing so I can judge when he wants the conversation to end.

    As she told you she likes you, she obviously wants to talk to you but is wanting you to keep the conversation going and put the graft in so she can see the feelings aren't one sided.

    Hope I helped?

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  • Some girls expect the guy to initiate conversation topics and when the guy doesn't do that they take it as disinterest. Just try to find something to talk about that you know she enjoys and if that fails look up some convo starters.


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