Not interoffice dating but intercompany dating?

Hey yall, so I'm attracted to this girl that works for the same company. We don't see each other except for a meeting once a year. We have the same title and function for our company and pretty much do the same thing, we have different bosses and are in different offices. I'm not sure yet if the attraction is mutual but so far it looks promising. We've had happy hour (w 7 other people), coffee (which I initiated) and lunch (which she initiated). She responds to my txts and emails right away, though it seems like I've been initiatingthe past couple of times. Question is what is a safe amount of contact per week/month without being overbearing or borderline creepy. I don't want it to turn into some type of mess. Thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks girls!


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  • I think the casual of getting drinks once a week or coffee is good start to build towards something. Also making sure that you are not doing the majority of the initiating as your doing is key. Since you been intitationg the past couple times make sure the next coffee/bar or text is intiated by her. Keep it simple.