How much are you supposed to tell your bf?

I've been cutting myself for a couple years but not visibly ( I do it on my thighs). Is this information I can just keep from my bf?( I'm under 18, but I thought it wouldn't let me have an account if I told the truth)


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  • Okay I'm not going out with this guy but we've been talking seriously for a while. Anyway, he found out that I cut (on my arms) and he has been so incredibly supportive about it. I mentioned that I don't want to talk about it and he was fine with that, obviously slightly concerned but there is no a lot he can do as it's sort of a personal issue. For a while now I haven't cut, about it a week? And I mentioned it to him in a heart to heart we were having about how good he made me feel and this led me to not cut for a week. He told me how proud he was of me and how he wanted to hold me in his arms until I stopped worrying (extremely sloppy but I thought it was sweet)

    So that is one way your boyfriend could take it. Or he could be completely the polar opposite. He could be extremely freaked out at being put in such a situation and it would riddle him with worry. The last thing you need is to feel guilty for causing someone to worry.

    If I were you, I would bring up a conversation about self harming and ask his views on it, and based on them either tell him or don't, but remember, he will notice eventually!

    Hope I helped :)

    Help me with my questuon? :( (on my profile)

    • Well he wouldn't notice since they're on my thighs but this was helpful, thanks :). I'll see if I can help on your question too.

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  • Cutting yourself isn't normal, and you should telll him, if you trust him. If he is a good guy, like you need, he will want to help, and go with you, and help you find a better way to deal with your issues that make you cut.
    Please get help!!! Lot's of people have these issues, and don't be embarassed, please!! Get some help, and stop doing this, OK?

  • Stop cutting yourself!!!

  • If bleeding satisfies you then I suggest you donate blood

    • I don't know why this made me laugh. Not very helpful but.. Ok.

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  • After reading your post, i thought - Ohh. Liposuction? Then after I read the comments - Ahhh. Like that? Haha sorry I find my stupidity hilarious.

    Anyhow, we girls should take care of our body and not destroy it. But, why you cutting yourself?