We've went out before, why is she acting different? Why all the mixed signals?

So there's this girl that I've been talking to on and off. It all started when she used to work with me and she came in one day and one of my coworkers told her I liked her. She kept smiling and giggling when my coworker said that and she said it when I walked away to help a customer real quick and when I came back I found out she said that. She texted me about it thinking I didn't know the second she left. I said "I thought about that but I never thought you were actually interested in me." Replied with "hahaha yeah same!" I decided to start talking to her more after that.

When I first started talking to her she'd always send me huge texts, asked questions, etc. I didn't have time to reply sometimes or the text got unnoticed and I just didn't reply. Sometimes she flat out ignores my texts too or responds 1-2 days late in the middle of a convo/after she asks a question and I reply. Last week I texted her in the middle of the day and said "Hey, let's go get coffee after we both finish our midterms. I want to talk a bit." She replied with "Yessss! I'm totally down for that!" We ended up talking for a good 4 hours before we had to leave we talked about everything, she was smiling and laughing a bit and she seemed interested in everything we talked about. After that day our texting has been bad.

I'll double text her and she won't respond, she'll text me back sometimes and ask me things and I don't get them until 3-4 hours later and I respond and she ignores. Two days ago I said "It wasn't really worth talking to you to begin with." and ended it. Things just kind of shut down. I thought she'd unfollow me on instagram, block me on FB and mute my Twitter after that but she kept liking and commenting on everything I posted.

I hit her back up today and asked if she wanted to go to the game because it was my former hs vs hers and she said "aww that sounds great but I already have plans with some of my friends. I'm not sure what to do at this point anymore.


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  • Wait you blew her off first and then expect her to be drooling all over you? When a woman (not a little girl) takes interest in a man she let's it be known and shows effort, but when a man takes hours days or a while to respond to her messages that shows her rhat she is not a priority and or he doesn't interest in her... so therefore she starts doing the same and gives him space! If he doesn't try to rekindle the interest she completely disregards him. If he does rekindle and does the same shyt again she perceives him as wasting her time and a joke!!! Sshe doesn't block your nor unlike/unfollow tou because the girl has a good head over her shoulder... NOT LIKE SHE NEEDS TO HATE YOU!!! LOL

    • Ps... what to do? Here is your answer!!!

      If your really interested in her in something formal and a long term type of thing, call her or meet up with her and let her know how you feel straight out and tell her to give it a chance... (but don't mess it up and leave her hanging with texts)

      If you don't want anything serious then just move on!!!

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    • Yeah. She's ignoring me now. Just found out those plans were with another guy and I was lead on. The reason I thought she'd definitely block me was because he sent her multiple texts like that. I tried to explain it and she didn't say anything at all.

    • Now tonight I hear that she was with someone else but it was to piss me off. That's not worth my time.

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