Wondering if I still have a chance with her?

I dated this girl for two weeks and she told me she didn't see it going anywhere right now but "can't speak to the future" thing is she calls me daily and when I see her she wants to hold my hand and play with my hair or put her hand on my thigh and she even gave me a massage. She also wants to tag along with me whenever I go somewhere. I like her so its cool but i'm wondering if I still have a chance with her?


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  • I could say you have a chance but it could be you don't either. The way it sounds you guys are a good match and should be dating already and acting like you already are. BUT why did she not see it going anywhere is the main question, why is she acting like you're still dating if she believed it wasn't going anywhere.

    I don't know if she's just scared or isn't ready for a relationship yet and maybe that's why she wants to get to know you more or maybe not commit just yet for who knows why.

    The problem is what you say basically means right now that you guys aren't dating but you're acting like it towards each other besides actually labeling it, which makes you wonder why hasn't she wanted to commit or say what she said yet still want to be around you and such.

    I mean she could not be ready as I said or she could possibly have another guy and deciding who she wants or she just doesn't fully know what she wants. So I could say you have a really good chance which it sounds like you do but I would also worry about why she said it wasn't going anywhere and why she would say that yet still want to be around you and still act like you're dating but not commit to the label.

    It's a bit fishy is all and just makes you wonder and that's the one thing I'd look into if I were you and even ask her yourself why she thought it wasn't going to go any further and ask if she still believes in that and if that's the case ask why she still wants to act like you're dating than if she doesn't want to commit to it.

    I am just telling you this because it's better to be careful than have your hopes up for nothing and be lead on or played or something normally in your case for what you said where she's that interested that isn't the case of any of those problems but its better to try to figure it out.


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  • Could just flat out ask her, be sure to tell her that you still enjoy her company so she's not getting an awkward vibe. Let her know how you feel and hope for the best.

  • My opinion is she isn't ready for a relationship. When a girl likes a guy they dont say that. If I were you I'll move on because probly there's a guy who she likes and she's confused thats why she said that.


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