He put us in a relationship on Facebook without asking me?

So I excepted it out of a pressured feeling. I sent him a text today saying that he should have asked me and that we need to slow down. I want to delete it, but he's going through some hard times and I don't want to make it seem like it's the end and I clarified in the text that it wasn't.

should I go ahead and delete the relationship status because it's not how I feel or should I wait and see how things work out?


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  • sounds lika great relationship lol

    • Heh, yeah we only met once and he seems like a nice guy so I want to give him a chance but that was a bit to much to fast without permission.

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    • So let's say I do just quit as a whole, which has crossed my mind, how should I approach the situation?

    • depends how safe you think you will be. Personally I'd just tell him face to face that it's not a good idea for us to be in a relationship and then leave. But if he's unpredictable just text it to him. Delete the status and cut all contact

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  • You should delete it for now.

  • I'm in a similar situation