Why does a guy get your number and not call (read the story please!)?

It wasn’t at a bar or a club. I was in line at a tea shop on Friday afternoon and he was doing some work there. I actually saw him looking at me and we smiled at each other. Eventually he came up to me and we chatted for a couple minutes. He got my number and said he’d give me a call. An hour later he texted me his name (so I’d have his number too I guess). I was really busy and forgot to reply until Saturday morning, I said hi and that I got his text. And he replied literally just a smiley face. What am I supposed to do with that? So I didn’t reply again, thinking that he would follow up like other guys. But haven’t heard from him since.

I’m actually really confused. I thought he was quite cute and nice and I would potentially be interested. Plus I thought it’s more likely that he’d follow up because of the way we met (I feel like he must’ve been interested to approach me out of the blue like that). I don’t remember the 2-min conversation going horribly wrong, unless I can really turn some off that badly in 2 minutes...

It’s not like I really really like him, but I’m just curious and confused! This has never happened before. Guys, why do you think?


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  • Maybe he just wanted you to try to show you're interested and instead you didn't reply to him even asking him how he's doing or anything so he just assumed that you're likely not interested and that he should move on instead it happens a lot when you get a girls number and they just want the attention towards them they aren't actually interested into the guy, so guys just learn to just move on if the girl doesn't show she's interested into them and tries to further the conversation some what.

    So maybe that could be the case maybe he doesn't want to come off as desperate so he's not going to try to (re-start) the conversation with you in a few days or so or wait until you actually do it.

    Anyways he texted you his name so clearly he didn't have a problem with the 2min conversation you guys had in person and he was still interested for sure and wanted to get to know you for sure by doing that.

    But as I said one of those reasons could be why he hasn't replied if I were you just say hey to him again ask how he's doing and see what happens. If he doesn't try to keep the conversation going himself than yeah he's lost interest if not than clearly he wants to get to know you but if you're not wanting to do the same thing he might be the type who won't keep pushing and pushing with no results.


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