What's OK and not OK on the first date?

SO, I recently got out of 5+ year relationship (my only relationship... so I do not know what to expect in the dating world). After 3 months or so, a guy ask me out. After meeting him the first day, he asked me out to dinner that night. I thought, why not...

On the first date, he kept finding excuses to touch/grab my hand and quickly touched my stomach (to see if I got abs..? idk..).

He gave a tight squeeze good bye hug.

Then the following hangout, he squeezed my knees.

Compliments me every 10 minutes.

All these happened when I don't even know him for more than 5 days and I tried backing away to gain back my personal space. Am I being paranoid? or is his behavior/action kind of weird?

Yeah I pretty much ignored him for a month... avoided his calls... then recently he asks if I'm comfortable around him because he wanted to know if he did "permanent damage". And he apologized for being so direct/straightforward.


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  • lol what's his age?

    If it was a first date, he might have been extremely nervous and he probably knew--he apologized. Hell I turn into a TOTAL idiot on first dates, and apologize ;). Luckily my boyfriend realized it took four-- five good long dates before I actually acted in a normal way.

    But if you weren't comfortable with him, that's a good indication you don't really like him. I do give him props for the "permanent damage" question. That's kind of funny.

    If there's something you think is worthwhile in him, you can give him another chance. Shrugs.

    The amount of touching on a date depends on the type of persons involved. There's no 'right or wrong', and also it does depend on the ages involved. :)


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  • You aren't being that paranoid. Compliments are nice, but every 10 minutes? That is a bit strange. I usually don't start holding hands with a girl until the second or third date, depends on her comfort zone and how much we are hitting it off. In general, I would expect very little touching on a first date unless it is a hookup situation.


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  • No that's a little weird. He's not acting as if he respects your space all that much. All that on a first date? If you don't like him all that much I wouldn't go out with him again.

  • what a psycho lol. I wouldn't date him again but if you really like him then the choice is yours.

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