In love with someone I'm not suppose to be. Please help?

It's wrong because he is my manager! I started doing part time in one hotel a while ago. My manager came around not long before me. Anyways I always found him attractive but never fell for him until like 2 weeks ago all of a sudden. He is 25 I'm 17. I know I'm a teen girl and all that I can't date him or anything because I'm underaged and all that. I know but I can help but fall hard for him and keep looking for him even when he is not there! He jokes around with everyone and he is charming. But why with me he would ask me to help him when he clearly does not need help. Laugh when he is being mean in a silly way! And I'm the only one he will talk to and then just not say a word for a while. And then comes back and checks up on me. I get it I'm the one youngest there but I still can't help it but wonder why he does such things. When ever he is around me or needs me to do something he calls my name in a cute way like a few times even tho I'm standing right in front of him and he knows I can hear him! He does that with nobody else.


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  • thats a sticky situation. he knows you're underage and is probably attracted to you. but even if he is he won't do anything other than teasing and flirting. of course i dont know what kind of guy he is so that is just my general judgement. He could also KNOW that you like him and that your reactions to him flirting is making him feel good about himself, an ego boost if you will. same reason why women would tease and flirt with men they dont really like, to get a reaction that makes them feel good about themselves. you can try to be forward with him, touch him playfully here and there. touch his shoulders when you laugh at something he says, playfully tell him he's attractive. that sort of stuff. get him alone alot. maybe ask him to do something outside of work. just realize that you're a minor and he will try to not want to do anything to you, especially if he does like you since he is afraid he might lose control

    • Working in a hotel means you hardly have free time sadly! And the shoulder contact would e almost impossible as he is like 6ft6 and I'm like 5f7. Every time he goes somewhere or he is not at work for a few days and he comes back and sees me he always asks me if I missed him but just throws the question like it's a how are you question. I am really shy and I really like him and I know I can't do anything about it! :(

  • Sounds like he may have an eye for you too so thats kool. However, it being work you wanna be careful about jeopardizing your work environment. Just be careful of what you say/do


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