I like this girl but things don't ever seen to work out?

So me and this girl be on and off for two years. We had are up and downs but we pretty much stayed constant in each other's life. She recently was honest with she was like Im really not that attracted to you. She was like maybe if I cut my hear bald then she would. My hair line is receding which happens when you are older. So last week I finally decided to tell her she should like me for who I am . Appearances will always change when we get older. She was like yes but then we should be friends. This was all last week I said ok. So she has been texting a little . Well I should say she has been initiation text. So yesterday she tells me she has a man now and he lived in Kansas city where she is from. I was well I wish you the best for y'all two. In my head I was like who gets a relationship over night like that and haven't seen this person in years. I was like she is just trying to get to me whicj is. Working. Maybe she is telling the truth. I still like her and care about her I was wondering how should I play this. Maybe just leave it alone and see if she comes around. Her supposley man lives in another state sooner or latter she will want somebody to actually be there.

One another thing I have a confidence issue do y'all have any tips to build self confidence


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  • She's a ass. Girls are big on trying to change guys but when they really like a guy APPEARANCE DOES NOT MATTER. seriously. Girls will talk to a million guys that look like shit before they talk to one that is drop dead gorgeous. Why? Because we are not built like a man and we are not always stimulated by what we see. If he makes you smile then he is getting in good with all your friends and family. Point blank period.

    If you care about her let her know. I think she was trying to get you jealous. Girls tend to do that to test the waters. Or to see how far you will go for us. I would text her. Who cares she has a boyfriend. If she really has one and she knows you like her she would say out of respect for her boyfriend that she doesn't want to talk to you anymore. If not then she obviously sees something in you too.

    Don't wait till she comes around. Go all in. When you give girls too much time. They lean back. They wash their hands of situations. Rarely do girls try to rekindle relationships and if they do it doesn't work because they are stuck on what happened on the past and wonder why you never told them how you really feel.


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