How not to seem head over heels for her?

I really care for this girl, and like her. I never have felt this way about a girl before. She knows I like her because I told her and how I felt. She told me she really likes me. Of course we've had our complications, but things are starting to get good again.

I love talking to her, except I only really get to see her once a week. I always have the urge to call/text her. Haha exactly how many times should I call/text her a week lol, without seeming head over heels or too desperate.


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  • text her every now and then to say hi, or wait for her to text u, if ur so head over heels tho, why don't you tell her that?! :]

  • if she told you that she likes you then texting her now and then is just fine. she probably want to hear from you. call her sometimes too.


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