I think this girl is takes more care about me than my girlfriend, am I right?

She is a friend of my girlfriend she we went out together and when my girlfriend found out she became so mad even said she wants break up with me because she thinks I cheated on her.
By the way this other girl is so nice she said my girlfriend had no right to be mad because there was nothing between us I talk with her a lot about my situation with my girlfriend and she cares about me a lot.
What should I do now? I'm so confused.


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  • You should have told your girlfriend you had plans to go out with her friend. If you're dating someone and calling her your "girlfriend" I don't think its right to date another girl on the side UNLESS your girlfriend has been made aware that you're free to date other people (herself included). Not to mention you chose a friend of hers! ;\ That could breed ill feelings between them don't ya think? How would you feel if your girlfriend came to you one day and (unexpectedly) told you she went out with your best guy friend? Not cool dude!

    • I wasn't thinking that was a date just normal friends activity.

    • Doesn't matter. As that's not even the point really (whether it was a date or not). It may as well have been if YOU CHOSE to spend ANY amount of time with her OVER YOUR "GIRLFRIEND" Seriously, get a clue. You telling me it wouldn't so much as affect you if your girlfriend came and told you she went out with your best friend? And then her saying, "Oh but it wasn't a date, we just spent time together." And you'd be fine with that? I seriously doubt it. Put yourself in her shoes.

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  • So you and your girlfriends friend went out by yourselves and didn't tell or try to include your girlfriend? Personally I would be pissed off. I wouldn't break up with you but that is strange you didn't let your girlfriend know. And how much do you have to talk about your situation with your girlfriend to her friend if it's a good situation? Also the fact that HER friend seemed to side against her instead of understanding is also a tad off.

    • What should I don now?

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    • yeah apologize and follow alliknowisthatidont advise and your gf might let it slide. ') Altho you so much as look in the direction or think her friends name and ITS ON (brawl lol).

    • You should be more concerned about your girlfriend then if you can still talk to HER friend...

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  • What's to be confused about? We are the creators of our reality.

    You're making her insecure, so she's making you unhappy.

    There is clearly something going on- just look at how your thought patterns are changing based on the time and conversations you have with this woman. Claiming that your girlfriend has no right to be pissed off or doesn't care about you because of what is transgressing is idiotic.

    With all of that said, now you make a choice- your girlfriend or her friend. You won't get to have both now that your girlfriend has been made insecure and your thought patterns have changed.

    Repair the relationship or move on.

    • ^ what he said 100%

    • I want to be with my girlfriend but also think this other girl could be a good friend.

    • It's a little late for that... you've already destroyed any trust your girlfriend would have had in connection to you hanging around this girl. You're left with a choice- your girlfriend or her friend.

      And even if she did trust you, it's not healthy for you to be complaining to her about your ongoing relationship. That's how you manifest emotions and it leads to cheating and/or the end of the relationship so you can get with the friend. It's human nature.

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