Ladie: Where is the best place to approach you?

By now many of you have seen the video where a woman apparently gets harassed by a lot of men over a 10 hour period in NYC. Some of the men seemed harmless but we're bunched together with the harasser.

So with that being that where should guys approach women to court


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  • Pretty much anywhere, as long as you be polite and nice. Approach her as a person, not just a hot girl.


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  • Any place where the guy is attractive

  • Bookshops - buying people you're attracted to books in bookshops should be a social norm like buying people drinks in bars pass it on

    • Some books are expensive and most people don't read anyway

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    • How does buying someone a drink convey romantic interest? I really meant why don't people read; I think a lot of people do.. Buying someone a book means you have an immediate talking point and you can learn a lot about someone's personality by what books they like!

    • Okay, I see

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