What do you guys think about my husband texting other women?

i got married on june 5th,2009. we have been married for 2 months. to make matters worse I am 11 weeks pregnant :(

we were dating for 7 months before we decided to get married.

i admit that I was checking his emails and phone. I am not going to sit here and deny it. well he had like a bunch of women on his yahoo messenger. then I saw women with webcams doing sexual stuff. then that led me to look in his phone. which I found over 50 women's numbers. I read the text messages and they were sexual plus pics of them nude. give me your honest opinions please. honestly I feel like getting drunk and not caring anymore then I would commit suicide.


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  • Wow he obviously has some kind of sickness.

    First thing you should do is save everything you can (You might need it later on). Save it somewhere he won`t see.

    After you are done with that, go out and take a walk. Or do anything that would help release the tension.

    You are angry, and hurt right now, and you have to find a way to release it before you talk to him about it. If you start yelling at him or throwing things, it won`t make you feel better, and it won`t fix anything. It will just make it worse, and your condition.

    Next, leave one of his emails open, with a naked girl or whatever. This will let him know that you KNOW. Then pack some clothes and stay at a friend`s place, or your parents. You need to be away from him for now, and be around people who can take care of you.

    Talk to him after a few days after you`ve cleared your head and tought things thru.

    • This is the best advice you'll ever find. Get away with friends or family, or else the situation will smother you. Like lost-angel says, clear your head. I was in a similarly hopeless situation once, and it's important to remind yourself that the sun is still shining and the birds still singing. This is only a set-back, it's not by any means the end of the world. You're much stronger than you think. Think of your child and get tough for the both of you. You deserve respect. Demand it!

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  • :(


    Whatever you decide to do, don't hurt yourself, you're not the bad guy here...

    I have to tell you when thing went wrong for me, I made impetuous decisions, but hwat I should have done is sat down, and made a plan. A plan that takes into account all the things I wanted to happen. It might still be possible to have an abortion, and even get an annulment based on his behavior. Document everything you have found, even if you choose to continue the marriage...

    Best of luck... don't lose your head...

  • You have found yourself someone who is truly not grown-up or ready for a commitment. Approaching him about it is the best bet - BUT, do be prepared for his defensive instincts to kick in. You will hear the "spying on me," "you don't trust me," "they mean nothing - its innocent" and the all-time classic "F*ck You - you don't do what they do." All those lines are, as I said, in defense - you caught him, he is busted and that is that.

    Before you leap, do check the dates of the texts and calls - if they are recent, then all above apply - if they are aged (pre-marriage), then he is using them for his jollies...something to boost his male ego.

    I have more to say, but without having all the facts, its best for me to stay quiet at this time.


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  • Don't do anything to hurt yourself. It sounds like I would dump this guy. I know its probally hard because your probally in love with him. This guy does sound that you don't agree with and if he had any respect for you. He wouldn't be doing this sh*t to you,

  • I'd kick his ass if that were me. Get rid of him. You deserve so much better than that.

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