How to tell if a girl is flirting or simply being friendly?

i have no clue could help me please ladies


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  • In what context? It's impossible to say based on one interaction or incident but if a girl is interested she'll actively try to hang out with you, compliment you, act shy around you, touch you more and just be a whole lot more interested in your life. If it's a friendship she'll be kind but she likely won't actively seek out going on dates with you or talk about anything romantic related between the two of you. Affection will also be limited.


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  • its hard to tell with gils, because some r natural at it and do it to every guy they meet and others are more shy and don't have as much experience. not much info was given, but from a girls pov, if she stars at you, or u suddenly notice her around you more, she might like you. girls tend to get close to the guy they like and be in the general area as them without even thinking about it. but if you notice she talks about guys, or if you ask her who she likes and she answers someone else she is just being nice. hope this helps!!!

  • It's hard to say. I am a friendly talkative person so everyone always thinks I like them. Ha ha.. Sometimes I do other times I don't. I always smile, give eye contact, share personal information, laugh ridiculously loud. But I do not touch ( unless its a long time friend )

    *So for me if a girl is touching you then that is a major clue.
    *Long term eye contact is a sign (some girls when intrigued with a guy stare)
    *She initiates conversation
    *she wants to be near you
    *she laughs at your jokes
    *she will share her candy, gum, or something lol
    *she compliments you... many girls that like a guy compliment them. Its a nice way of saying " Hey I've been checking you out; but I don't want to say I like you because you may not really like me"

  • Maybe compare how she acts towards other guys to the way she acts towards you? its hard to tell because some girls are just really flirty.


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