I met a guy online and I don't know if he likes me?!

I met this guy online and we have been talking for about 2 months but he was deployed in the military to a different country and he just got home a couple of days ago and I haven't heard much from him, Am I overreacting or what?


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  • hes going thru a lot either leave him alone or just try talking to him

    • Ok because before we talked a lot and now not so much but I was figuring he was to busy with his family and friends which hey if I was deployed I would be to, so do you think I should not text him until he text me or text him anyway?

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    • The things in his life

      some guys who get deployed leave or try to forget about gfs

    • I mean I want to text him but I don't want to come off as desperate, If he doesn't text me in like two days do you think I should text him? I asked him if he still liked talking to me and he said "yeah, why do you ask?" what does that mean? And what is he uncertain of?

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  • you're crazy! you need to be medicated! for real, give him a break. He's been away from friends, family, and has probably not seen or done things he has enjoyed while being deployed. Let him get settled back in a little. Give him the hi every once in awhile. If he responds then be content with that. He has no obligation to you, nor you to him. So look for another guy if he's not giving you hords of attention, which obviously you need. What do you think what he said to you means? Really? It means "Yes I still like talking to you" "Why are you asking me that" because obviously he's not on the same crazy thinking path as you. Add to your dating profile...I need everyday constant attention and for people to let me know they still like me, because I can't be happy on my own.

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