Would you girls date me? and if your a lot older which im sure most are if you where my age would you? Look at my profile picture?

Im not very social i really can't help it but im not like socialy awakard if you know what i mean. It's hard to get to know me everyone says. Sometimes i feel im not good looking enough even when people say im good looking and I've never been called ugly either. Sometimes I feel like girls sometimes look at me strange because of my hair. I have a mental ilness where i shave off all my hair. Ik it's a ewired mental iness but besides that there's nothing wrong with me.


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  • You're cute. :) Shaving off your hair honestly doesn't look bad, at least in my opinion, so don't worry too much about it. If I were single and liked your personality, I would date you.


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  • You're not really my type but if you were than heck yeah! You don't look bad, try smiling more.


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  • You look like a skinhead, but still a nice looking kid. There are some girls that would eat you up!
    Join online dating. Your best bet.

    Here, check this stuff out. You can find a gal if you try.

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    Get some books on it.


    Ask friends.

    When you find one treat her respectfully and lovingly. Hopefully she will reciprocate.

    Good luck!