What do guys look for in the average girl?

I say average but I mean girls in general. I'd like to know everything from personality to looks. Please say things other than boobs and butt! I'd rather hear what colour eyes you like, or what colour and length of hair, size as in stomach (flat, a little chubby, etc.), things of that nature. As far as personality goes, I'd like to know what are some qualities you hate as well. Much appreciated :)


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  • -- Looks --
    - Most guys don't really care about eye colours trust me on that one.
    - Most guys do care about boobs and ass of course but it all depends on the guy and what they like.
    - Hair can depend on the guy, I like redheads some of my friends like blondes or brunettes not to many like black hair on a white girl at least anyways.
    - Hair length can depend on the guy and girl again, a rocker chick can look really hot with short hair where a average normal girl normally looks better with hair at least down to their shoulders.
    - A lot of guys rather a girl who take care of themselves such as no bum hair do your hair whenever you can, a bit of make up you don't have to go crazy.
    - Some guys like a flat skinny girl and some like chubby, I personally like a fit girl that isn't skinny but isn't chubby just healthy. It just depends on the guy themselves.
    - A lot of guys judge a girl by the way she dresses and no guy will really admit that but if you dress slutty the likely chance a guy wants to actually be in a relationship with you is low compared to just wanting to have sex.

    -- Personality --
    This can really depend on the guy again some like stuck up cunts and a lot don't but deal with it for the awesome looks in return. Some guys like a big girly girl and others want a girl who is just normal and doesn't over re-act about breaking a nail or something so stupid or sound like a mouse all the time.

    Just because you're normal though doesn't mean your some tomboy or something just means you're not this big ass girly girl which I know a lot of guys don't want to actually commit to such girls for their personality it's normally for their looks. So if you had a choice try to be a girl but don't over do it and yeah talk out your nose like a mouse or freak about breaking a nail etc.

    And try to have fun and try to be outgoing guys love a girl who can entertain them and not just them entertaining the girl all the time.


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  • i look for a girly girl, thats very cute in my opinion. a girl who can share in my sense of hunour. i love long hair on a girl and for her to be shorter than me. colours dont phase me, but a girl with big clear eyes does a lot for me :) i dont like girls that are all that extroverted. i would like a girl to be shy a bit, like me.

  • average you said? nothing

    • Does nobody read the additional details? I want what you look for in a girl. That's all. Please read fully.

  • my type of woman would be a tall thin brunette with an athletic build. What I look for in a human being is intelligence and a backbone. I hate women who say you tell me where we want to go and then pick it apart. I want someone with an opinion is going to be tough and strong feminine and sensitive. I'm lucky I found the right girl

    • @mrwunderful
      Thank you for sharing your opinion, it's nice to know there are guys with more values other than body type and look for someone who possesses intellect and is opinionated. This actually describes me other than the athletic build haha. (I'm a little on the chubby side for someone of my height and bone structure)

    • You sound lovely. You will make a man very lucky someday.

    • @mrwunderful
      Thank you very much so. I hope my boyfriend thinks the same lol. It would be a shame if he didn't.

  • okay if you're just concentrating on physical looks everyone has different preferences like mine is I like the classic American blonde. but really none of that matters when I actually just have fun around someone so just crack a few jokes and chill out and it will be cool. The most important thing by far how much of a connection you have the girl. the simple reason is sex only last so long I actually have to be around this person and talk to them

  • A girl who is nice to talk to, but isn't overly loud and overbearing. Someone who is there for me when i need her. Id like her to have a nice face it doesn't have to be special and most of all she needs to outgoing and willing to converse and meet with me

  • Personality : polite , less intelligent then me , sacrificing , open minded , dont talk to other guys except me

    looks : slim , long healthy black hairs reaching butt , big butt and boobs , eye color doesn't matter , white color , height between 5-5.5 , decent dressing

    do you have these in you?

    • @hassaan
      Personality: I am of a very intelligent nature. I am very sacrificial, and open minded as well.
      Looks: I am a little on the chubby side for someone of my height and bone structure but not fat, i have dark brown hair that rests at mid back, I am 5'4", and i dress decent majority of days.

      Problems I would have with these qualities: Why would she have to be less intelligent than you? That seems quite absurd. Why only talk to you in regards to males? Majority of my friends are male and I speak to them on a regular basis and my boyfriend has no problem with it.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion, it is appreciated.

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    • i know but i did forbid my ex as a result she left as she had a male friends who was always talk about sex to her and puts his hand on her shoulder i just asked her not to meet him anymore and then she left.

    • My male friends do the same to me (though when you say talk about sex it is vague as to if you mean with her or their sexual lives, I'm referring to the latter when I mention it). You can't expect someone to drop all of their friends off the face of the Earth to be with you. They had a life before you and that life should continue. If you liked her while she had those friends and they spoke that way before i don't see a problem. (though if the conversations were speaking of sex with her i most defiantly understand.)

  • What I look for is a girl with heart, who wouldn't betray me in any way and supports me vice versa.

    • Those are good qualities! Though because I have them, I also know it can be hard as well. Treasure a girl you find like that.

  • We don't look in for average chicks doe

    • Hence why in the additional details I mentioned that I wasn't looking for that, I want to know what guys look for in girls overall.

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    • Lol wtf you gettin pissed for? You asked for it

    • I'm not pissed, you may have mistaken my confusion of immaturity with anger, but I can assure you that is not what this is.

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