How go you go about trying to pick up at a Halloween party without coming across as just wanting sex?

Halloween is known as being a big party night and also a big night for sexual hook ups. it sort of has that reputation and most of the girls wear extra sexy outfits for Halloween at the bar. I find in general being an older guy just turned 30 , most of the younger girls assume I just want to have sex with them. and being Halloween that could be there assumption early if we meet and so I'm not really sure how to go about trying to meet anyone on that night under such circumstances. sure I'd like to hook up but at same time I'd be willing to wait till we got to know each other and dated to take things to that level


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  • I never hooked up with anyone on Halloween


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  • I don't think you need worry about that not all girls go by the same rules, so regardless of the place or holiday whom ever you meet will set her own rules and limits..


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