When is it appropriate to approach a girl in public? I'm a gentleman and wanna know when/where it's comfortable for them?

I know that girls get hit on all the time by jerks and I don't wanna be like that but I'm not sure when it's ok.

Also, if I catch eyes with a girl a few times is that a good enough indication for me to say hello?


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  • If you keep catching eyes with the girl then yes that's a very good indicator. I think almost anywhere is appropriate to approach a girl in public. I think the problem is guys try to 'hit' on girls. If you are interested in a woman just approach her and depending on where you are and whats going on around you try.. A) Just say hello B) Say something clever (NOT CORNY) to the situation not something about her C) attempt to make her laugh or D) make small talk at first and gauge the situation. MOST PEOPLE HATE SMALL TALK, but if someone is interested in someone no matter how dull the conversation they will automatically be intrigued.


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