So a guy says he likes me but he just stopped liking this other girl, he's asking me out tomorrow should I say yes?

he is like one of my best friends and he's been really nice to me, walks with me in the halls and to the bus.

I also have had a crush in him since like 6th grade.
his bestfriend told me the guy liked me today. He stopped liking her a week ago, but claims he liked me for a while but he thought he didn't have a chance.
good Call he moved on and has a Girl Friend that he claims he doesn't like LOL


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  • Hey I am not too sure about saying yes because if he sees a " prettier " girl in his eyes he will just stop liking you and not feel the same anymore so more than likely that relationship will not last

    • so he really claims he likes me but i honestly don't think he likes me but...

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    • Exactly you can kik me or add me on Facebook because i am a motivator so if any time you need motivation or advice just link me up

    • ok thanks :)

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  • I think its ok to go out but whatever you do dont get emotionally drawn to him. Think of it as a friendly get together. You dont want to complicate your friendship either especially if he's close to you. Also always watch how a guy treats a girl because more than likely he will do the same to you, good and bad


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  • Say no
    He just horny
    All of a sudden he like you because the other girl didn't give him the time of day probably