Does my friend like me?

So this guy is my friend. He's really nice and stuff but I've noticed recently that a few strange things have happened. I've caught him staring at me a few times. Once I was really sad cause I got two bad test scores on one day and he asked me if I was okay and listened and offered advice while I told him everything. Then the other day the teacher told us to take out our pencils and my pencil was like broken a bit and had no eraser. He took my pencil and asked if I needed an eraser I said I guess then took my pencil back. The guy then got out a bunch of pencils and told me to choose one and keep it. And he always reaches over onto my desk to write on my paper or something like that but his hand always brushes mine. Sometimes he will sit like really close to me at lunch and when ever he talks to me and I look at him he always is like looking into my eyes. The guy always tells jokes to try and make me laugh.


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  • Certainly sounds like he likes you to me. Guys pay little attention to girls they have no interest in and being that he's looking out for you/helping when you need it shows he cares about you.


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  • He likes you a lot. But do you like him or not?

    • I don't know. I think I like him a little bit. I'm not really the best with the whole liking people thing but yeah I think I like him.

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