Guys: Help! New to the dating world!?

My first date: We are meeting this Saturday in the middle, of some-what popular, city. I've never been on a real blind date before. I've only been on one date with one boyfriend-my ex. We broke up a couple days before I left for the military so the whole dating world is new for me. I'm sure we will be walking around and possibly get something to eat.
One of the big problems I have is I've only dated one older guy. My ex was 4 yrs. younger than I was. This guy I’m meeting is an older gentleman-a couple years older than myself. What is he going to look for? What would you want your date to wear in autumn while in the city? I read an article saying some guys like to know you’re having a good time by, of course, not looking at your phone all the time but also grab their arm while walking or accidentally touch their leg with yours when at dinner. However, I don’t want him to get the wrong idea. I want us both to look at this as getting to know someone, not a one night stand kind of thing.
If you could guys, provide ideas about what you would want to see your blind date wearing or what she should not wear when meeting in the city-keep it clean. What would y'all want to talk about or what would annoy you, what would you be impressed with? Anything else would be fantastic. I'm confident with myself and who I am. I'm not one to be fake. I'm in my mid 20's and I'm very outgoing.
Photo of me-I'm the one on the left:

Thank you!!


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  • First off, may I suggest relaxing? it may be a blind date but believe me, he ain't blind and when he senses your nervousness, you could trigger other things, like him being nervous and then the whole date goes down the drain. Don't mind all those crappy sites that are talking about touching and crap. Do what you want to do, dress so you are comfortable, pick a comfortable spot, be comfortable, speak comfortable. First dates or blind first dates are about getting to know the other person. if you think too much ahead, example., where its going, chances are, you may ruin a good thing.
    Im not sure about this one but i hear its usually not a good idea to bring up past relationships on the first date. just a heads up.

    • I don't plan to talk about my past. The only reason I was saying it here was to give you all an idea of the situation I am in. Thank you for all of your advice.

    • Umm. im kind of the only one. but if you take it... and more... you should be fine. depending on if its just a date or if you want something serious.

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