Signs to leave him or her alone?

No need to press the issue. Sometimes all things come to an end. I wanted everyone to put up some Signs when it is time to leave Your crush/ Boyfriend/ Partner alone:

1. They stop returning your phone calls/ texts.
No matter how busy they may seem; People make time for things that are important to them. And if they aren't making the effort to at least TEXT or CALL you then It is time to move on.

2. More Pain then Joy.

You may love that person but if you are having more arguments then laughs and actual conversations. A relationship full of stress is not worth it. If the person you are trying to commit to is not being understanding and trying to find a common ground its time for a change of scenery.

3. If you feel alone

No way shape or form should you ever feel alone in a relationship/ partnership. The person Is to make you feel complete. loved and even when you do not talk to them you know you can come to them at anytime without feeling JUDGED.

4. When You have sacrificed who you are

You changed who you are to be with this person and the things you do still go unnoticed. Big problem. You change to become better not someone else's idea of who you should be. This could cause you to be insecure and hurt.

5. When you get bored.

Honestly a lot of people will not agree with this but people cheat because they are bored. Women flirt and talk to guys because they get bored. When you know what to expect from your partner it gets boring. They should always be trying to keep your attention. Because feelings change everyday. And once someone has you they forget that they have to actually put in the work time and effort. Do not let someone get comfortable and end up giving you less than you deserve. You deserve all their attention, Unconditional love, Support, understanding,

I thought this would be a helpful post. Any more ideas please add below (:


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  • I agree with all the above signs. Definitely time to get a move on.


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