Typical Question: Does he like me?Sooo there's this guy (lets just call him Bob)and I think he might like me (I have him for two classes btw)?

I used to catch Bob stareing at me, all the time (he sits next to me now, so he doesn't have to turn his head from the other side of the room anymore), so i started saying hi to him just to be nice (this was in our second class, in our first class he has always sat one seat back and to the right of me). It's small things that make me feel like he likes me.
he waits for me to walk to class together (but we're not really friends like that. we text but about school stuff)
He says yes ma'am all the time (I don't think this means anything, just thought I should mention it)
He meets me on days we we don't have class to work on stuff together
He always replies my texts right away
He lets me copy his work when I forget (hehe)
He turns in his work in first, so I can get the right answers after his has been graded
He knows I like body hair (don't judge me), and He rubs his fuzzy shins/knee on my leg (No, this was not on accident. He continuously does it and doesn't stop even when I flinch)
I always put my feet on the legs of his chair ( they're the rolling computer chairs by the way lol I don't know why this matters) and now he does it all the time.
He always asks if I want to share a computer to do our work, when we're in the lab (so we have to sit closer together maybe?)
When someone on my side is talking he always puts his face over my shoulder kind of (idk how to explain this; He isn't touching me, but regardless there is really no need for it)
He has said or asked me things that let me know he has been staring at me during our psych class (our first class of the day together)
He does childish things like close my book to make me lose my page, point a flashlight to my face, point a laser pointer to my paper to make me turn (I think), flicks me on my shoulder, etc. Oh and by the way Bob thinks i have a bf. No, i didn't lie to Bob. i had a bf but we broke up. i just didn't feel like i had to announce it.


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  • Maybe he likes u.. but give it a few more days time so tat u know what is really happening..:):)


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