Help help need advice asap!!?

So i've been hanging out with her for about a month now. She constantly calls me to talk and our convos last 30mins to 2 hours. We went on our first date but towards the end I told her how I felt and what I was looking for because she asked, then she tells me that she not attracted to me but she tried? Wtf! Every time we hang out, she would call off with her friends to hang out and we would be out till 4am, she keeps telling me this is not a date as if I didn't hear her... so we hang out every other day and chat almost everyday, she now tells me that she don't have feelings for me but when we go out she holds my hands and at the movies she wants to be held, or if she spends the night here she wants me to cuddle with her then she tells me that we are only friends. Is she using me?, confused and don't know what she wants? Wtf is up with girls saying one thing and does the opposite? I'm stuck... I told her I give up and so I got drunk in front of her and passed out but apparently she took care of me, got me into my bed then snooped around my room a bit then crashed out with me.

Advice or tips are appreciated!!!


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  • Sounds like your taking boyfriend responsablities. But your not actually dating.


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