Ever stay with someone out of pure attachment?

I, like many, have an Ex i still desire. We had a breathtaking relationship, the most inseparable best friends/ lovers. It's a long story, but she's dumped me once (bad outlook on Life, living by others standards) I've dumped her once (depressed phase). This past time i was the dumper, and she rebounded with another ex as if 6 months. We're in loose contact right now. However, She openly admits she never been closer to anyone than me, i know the most, and that she knows i love her more than the current. At one point we even discussed getting back together in a "what if" kinda way. I don't know guys, I feel like a product of bad timing, and she's just to attached to let go of her current.


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  • Don't stand on ceremony here, get with it and ask her to get back together. That way, you'll know her feelings for sure.

    If you delay much longer, she'll be with someone else for the long term!


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